The 7th Annual Leading Caterers of America Executive Summit

Leading Caterers of America (LCA) and UBM Catersource are pleased to invite all LCA members and industry partners to attend the 7th Annual Leading Caterers of America Executive Summit in Orlando, Florida. The LCA Executive Summit is an members only program for the top independent catering operators in the United States. Principals and catering executives will share best practices during roundtables, participate in power panels, and network at events, leaving full of new ideas and delighted tastebuds.  

LCAES Network Groups Cover Topics to Deliver ROI

Culinary Network

The LCAES Culinary Network was the talk of the industry in 2016, and the 2017 program will be even bigger and better. This is a unique opportunity for some of the most skilled and prominent chefs in the catering industry to exchange ideas and spend time learning from and cooking with each other.

Management & Operations Network

The purposes of this group are several - to address the various common challenges that managers of catering businesses face, to act as a clearinghouse for best practices, and to provide a platform for interactive mentoring.

Sales Executive Network

The Sales Network sessions at the LCAES are open to sales directors, sales managers and senior level sales staff. Generally senior salespeople are qualified by an annual sales total of over $1M. 

Principals Network

The LCAES Principals Group is the preeminent CEO Roundtable in the catering and events industry. With over fifty members representing the top caterers in the US and Canada, the expertise represented in this group is unique.

NEW! Finance & Business Network

Finance and business management are a key component of every business. At the 2017 LCA Executive Summit, we'll evaluate the viability of creating a separate group focused on financial reporting, integration, metrics and targets. 

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